Health Outreach Partners’ mission is to build strong, effective, and sustainable grassroots health models by partnering with local community-based organizations across the country in order to improve the quality of life of low-income, vulnerable, and underserved populations.



Our vision is a country in which all people are valued and in which equal access to quality health care is available to everyone, thus enriching our collective well-being.


Theory of Change

Beginning in fall 2016, HOP embarked on a year-long process to develop a new Theory of Change[1] (TOC). Our new TOC incorporates direct input and feedback from clients and partners at health centers and Primary Care Associations around the country, our funders, and HOP staff.

TOC Update

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Download the PDF of HOP’s Theory of Change



[1] A Theory of Change is a way to visually represent an organization’s current thinking about how it contributes to desired changes in the world. It’s a conceptual link among an identified issue or problem, a set of desired changes, specific strategies that contribute to that change, the audiences whom are directly and indirectly influenced by the organization’s efforts, and the values that guide the organization’s work. Source: CompassPoint