Health Outreach Partners (HOP) proudly presents its collaboration toolkit titled “Taking Collective Action to Support Health Access: A Collaboration Toolkit for Community Health Organizations.” The purpose of the toolkit is to provide the user with guidance and practical tools on engaging in collaborations to increase their collective impact. The toolkit is designed to include a broad application of the term collaboration, consisting of coalitions, partnerships, and referral networks.  Whether you are starting from scratch to build relationships with other individuals, or are looking for strategies to expand your current partnerships, this toolkit can be referenced as one comprehensive resource or any section can be used on its own.

Authors: Sonia Lee, Megan O’Brien, Alexis Wielunski, Liam Spurgeon



Toolkit Sections
2. Collaboration: The first section provides the concepts and principles around collaboration, and includes various tools, such as worksheets and templates, to apply these concepts.
3. Coalitions: The section includes an overview of coalitions, tools, and a case study.
4. Partnerships: The section includes an overview of partnerships, tools, and a case study.
5. Referral Networks: The section includes an overview of referral networks, tools, and a case study.