Resource updated March 2018

The anti-immigrant climate in many communities creates a serious challenge for health centers as well as social service and education programs. Some immigrants are not going in for care or services. Others come in once a problem is extreme. There are many ways that health centers, social service, and education programs can help.

In this booklet, we give you ideas and resources for doing outreach in an anti-immigrant climate. These come from outreach program workers from around the country.

There are sections on barriers to health and wellbeing with solutions to those barriers. You can use the “My Notes” page at the end of each section to keep track of barriers, solutions, and people or groups that can help in your community.

Some ways you can use this booklet are:

  • Review and talk about it with outreach staff and community health workers.
  • Fill out the local resources section and refer to it when someone in your community asks you for help outside your normal scope of work.
  • Use it as a tool to better orient providers, social workers, teachers, administrators and front desk staff as to the hard times immigrants are facing.

Please note that the current Spanish version has not undergone a full plain language adaptation.