Outreach Business Value Toolkit

Learn how to INVEST in outreach in a financially SUSTAINABLE way

For many organizations, showing the financial value of outreach services can be difficult, making programs susceptible to limited funding and budget cuts. To help health centers make a stronger business case for investing in and sustaining strong outreach programs, HOP created the Outreach Business Value (OBV) Toolkit.


    Understand how outreach programs can impact the financial sustainability, effectiveness, and overall mission of your organization.

    1. Strategic Framework
    2. Defining Outreach Framework
    3. Dimensions of Outreach Program Integration
  • OBV Calculators

    Get customized estimates, based on your organization’s data, of the potential financial benefits achievable through outreach.

    • Outreach & Enrollment Calculator
    • Clinical Efficiency Calculator
    • Alternative Payment Methods Calculator
    • Avoided Costs Calculator