COVID-19 Information and Resources

The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the lives of everyone in the U.S. and around the world. As we continue to navigate our way through the challenges posed by COVID-19, HOP recognizes the devastating impact that it has had on the communities we serve.

For health centers and the many outreach workers who are working to serve the most vulnerable communities, we have compiled a list of resources that are useful for health education efforts around the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as prevention and mitigation of the disease.

Please keep in mind that the information within these resources is accurate and relevant to the time that they were created. However, due to the ever-evolving nature of the pandemic and its guidelines, we cannot guarantee that the content of all the resources reflects the latest updates.

Los que me importan (The Ones I Love)

Spanish-language health education video to build vaccine confidence.

Esperanza Vaccine Toolkit

This toolkit is for organizations looking to increase vaccine awareness and confidence with a variety of bilingual tools including videos, key terms, and social media strategies.

COVID-19 Fotonovela

Health education resource in English or Spanish, intended to increase vaccine confidence among farmworkers.

National Resource Clearinghouse - COVID-19

Clearinghouse for all COVID-19 related resources intended for Community Health Centers, with topics including Promising Practices, Operations, Telehealth, and more!

Vaccination Update for Latinos 8/31/21

English-language video on updates, trends, challenges, and lessons learned regarding vaccination efforts for Latinos.

Latest COVID-19 Information

For all of the latest information related to COVID-19 and its vaccines, please refer to the following: