HOP offers training, consultation services, conference workshops, and resources to outreach programs. Work collaboratively with our experienced staff to enhance your outreach and enabling services.


One-on-One, For Senior Leadership and Outreach Managers

Consultations are targeted services for organizations that need one-on-one technical assistance. Services can be short- or long- term, ranging from a one-time phone call to several months, and can include on-site work together. Typical consultations include:

  • Facilitated Program Planning
  • Community Health Needs Assessments
  • Outreach Program Assessments


For Teams of All Levels

HOP’s trainings are customized based on need, designed to build on the knowledge and skills of participants, and can be delivered in a Training-of-Trainers (TOT) format. We offer in-person trainings for groups ranging in size from 5-40 participants. Popular training topics include:

  • Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment
  • Planning and Evaluating Integrated Health Outreach Programs
  • Structural Competency


For Groups of All Sizes

HOP staff conduct training workshops at conferences and other events all over the country. We can offer customized workshops based on any of our Focus Areas (below).


For Outreach Managers, Outreach Workers, and Senior Leadership

Our resources provide community health organizations with effective, relevant, and easy-to-use information and tools to strengthen outreach efforts. Resources include outreach practices, articles and reports, and frameworks.


HOP develops resources and provides support to community-based health organizations on a variety of topics.

  • The Business Value of Outreach
  • Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment
  • Health Insurance Literacy
  • Customer Service to Become a Health Center of Choice
  • Outreach Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Outreach-Centered Health Education
  • Community Collaborations
  • Clinical Outreach
  • Transportation Models that Work
  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Outreach and Enabling Services Data
  • Leveraging Outreach to Support the Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • Structural Competency

We are regularly expanding to new focus areas based on outreach program needs. If you would like to see something specific, just ask!

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