About the Initiative

In any given year, at least 3.6 million Americans do not obtain medical care because of a lack of transportation.[1] Evidence shows that access to reliable transportation correlates with improved health outcomes and increases the utilization of services.[2]

HOP’s Transportation Initiative documented the impact of transportation barriers on healthcare costs and promoted patient-centered transportation solutions through data gathering tools and effective collaborations. The initiative consisted of two key projects: Rides to Wellness Community Scan and Not Just A Ride. The projects were funded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), respectively. To learn more about the initiative, download a one-page summary and the press release.


NOT JUST A RIDE strengthened existing transportation efforts at health centers.

  • Quality Improvement Toolkit: Developed a toolkit for health centers to support efforts on planning and implementing services to address transportation barriers faced by their patients.
  • Learning Collaboratives: Established of three (3) state-based, peer-learning collaboratives for health centers, Primary Care Associations, clinic consortia, and other key partners to identify strategies, share successes, and document lessons learned.
  • Transportation Resource Maps: Developed of three (3) state-based, interactive maps that include transportation resources and services for learning collaborative participants.

Access the toolkit here!

For more information

If you are interested in more information about HOP’s Transportation Initiative, please contact Sonia Lee, Senior Manager, at 510-268-0091, ext. 109 or



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