Peer-to-Peer Webinar
January 30, 2014

In order to address the need for viable transportation models, Health Outreach Partners (HOP) launched a three-year project funded by the Kresge Foundation. Through this project, HOP identified and investigated six case study organizations that are addressing transportation as a barrier in innovative ways. Case study examples are from CHC’s and CBO’s in rural, suburban and urban communities across the county, and transportation models include: collaboration with local airlines and regional transit authorities; volunteer-driver based programs; mobile health units; telehealth; private-public partnerships; fixed bus routes; and clinic operated door-to-door shuttle services. During this webinar, HOP and invited panelists from three organizations featured in the project will discuss transportation as an access barrier, highlight best practices and considerations for replication, and discuss next steps, including policy recommendations.


Launched in March 2016, HOP’s Transportation Initiative (TI) seeks to document the impact of transportation barriers on healthcare costs and to strengthen patient-centered transportation solutions through data gathering tools and effective collaborations. Learn more on our Transportation Initiative page.