Is Seva Yoga increasing your Life Force?

Every one of us has something special called our spirit, the same power which has created the whole universe, and it is infinite, used to make contact with through yoga. Seva yoga is a yogic method which focuses on the mind, a Sanskrit word which describes the art of selfless service, as you renounce your own selfish desires and give your energy to the greater good. Yoga is about the ability to feel our spirit and to allow it to be nourished, whether we are practicing meditation or a ritual.


You will get by on the belief that you get back through yoga classes, even if you live on donations for the better part of a year, because selfless giving means helping others and includes teaching for free or offering classes to benefit a favorite cause, thus incorporating seva the world. Prana powers bring your physical body alive, regulate your senses and the way you perceive, with a subtle energy, quite different from the electrical impulses in your nervous system. Find a nontraditional program which is doing something good for the community and increases exposure to yoga classes, but don’t forget that part of your goal is seva, the want to give.


Through yoga, dedicated people bring the healing power of practice through selfless service, to those in need around the globe, and you can get involved today as well. Residents of the ashram serve the community, donate class revenue and help to share the teachings of their students, but anyone can practice Seva yoga, as its essence is said to be encapsulated by the roots of the word, which means “together with.” In essence, yoga is a practice of service as well as a tool of transformation, so that you can show up for others and be understanding.


Life force energy animates our physical form and has been known to every wisdom lineage as a vital force that gives us life and brings deeper meaning to us. Groups have formed to reach out to inner-city schoolchildren, such as yoga service organizations that support yoga-related service projects by sharing best practices. In performing acts selflessly, one must confront his/her own difficulties and learn to recognize personal thought patterns through a heightened self-awareness, finding thus an inner peace which is not dependent on external factors.

If you want to know how to give back, you ought to think of your motivation in terms of serving others, such as adolescent prostitutes, in order to feel gratitude for all the gifts yoga had given you. We have developed patterns and conditioning from a young age, but if you’ve ever been to a yoga class, you might know what prana really means, and in this article, we will discuss what it is and how you can become more attuned to it. If the students are defiant and rude, do not worry, as their behavior will improve when you will meet parts of them that you don’t love and start to heal what was broken.


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