We are a network of volunteers giving classes to prisoners and other
    populations in need.  Men and women of all ages and all physical and
    mental conditions participate.  Our classes usually include some
    combination of:

  •  Stretching and core exercises
  •  Simple meditation practices
  •  Guided relaxation
  •  Guidance on mindful and ethical living

    We are not a religion.  We are not associated with any one teacher or
    tradition.  We do not do acrobatic or extreme yoga.

    *See the Channel 4 TV report featuring our class with psychiatric
    inmates of a major Miami jail.

    *See here a video with Anneke Lucas in another part of the country; we
    are working in similar ways here in South Florida.   


    Lawrence Huff ~ President, Instructor

    Having taught yoga and meditation in several states and Spanish-
    speaking countries, Lawrence settled in Miami. He has done these
    classes in all the regional libraries of Miami Dade County.  In 2013 he
    launched classes for local prisoners.  He has certification in
    Transcendental Meditation and in yoga from Kripalu Center.  He also
    works as a public school teacher.

    Patricia Rossato ~ Vice-President, Instructor

    Certified in Reiki energy healing and Reconnective Therapy, and having
    trained under the great meditation master, Shri Chinmoy, Patricia has
    brought continual enrichment to YAMO classes in our state prisons.

    Miyako Haag ~ Treasurer

    Miya Haag Bio info:  As an integral part of YAMO's Board as Treasurer,
    Miya serves in many capacities within our non-profit.  As Vice President
    of the Pepsom Group, she brings her marketing and creative skills to
    our organization, as well as providing operational assistance upon
    request. Additionally, she also participates in mentoring juvenile
    detainees at the Turner Guilford Knight Center.

    John Brown ~ Director

    As advisor for YAMO, John brings expertise and corporate contacts
    that help support this valuable network. Currently President of the
    Pepsom Group - one of 3 companies founded by John, he brings his 30
    years of retail industry experience to our organization. As one of the
    first African-American manufacturers representatives, he enjoys
    speaking with youth about his trailblazing years within his industry and
    sharing his inspirational stories while mentoring juvenile detainees in

    Jessica Cardenas ~ technical advisor

    YAMO Assistant: Currently serving as Legal Assistant to Catholic Legal
    Services of Miami, Jessica helps with the processing and translation
    services for immigrant children and others.  A recent graduate of St.
    Thomas School of Law, l, she assists YAMO by volunteering within her
    range of administrative services, promotional assistance and networking

    Hari Heck ~ Instructor

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